Scope : Conceptual and Detailed Design
Coordinator : Javier Manterola Armisén
Project Manager : Javier Muñoz-Rojas Fernández
End Year Construction : 2009
Typology : Girder Bridges
Material : Concrete
Team : Javier Manterola Armisén, Javier Muñoz-Rojas Fernández, J.Antonio Navarro González Valerio, Sara Fernández Alonso
GeopositionView Project

The bridge over the Douro River on the La Plata Motorway had a very large separation between the carriageways. This is the reason why the idea of building a single, four-armed pier was replaced by two bridges with two separate piers. The separation between the axes of the two carriageways amounts to 20.5 m and the bridge is longitudinally divided into six spans of 34.5 m +36 m +49.5 m +72.00 m +49.5 m +34.5 m.