Scope : Conceptual, Detailed Design and Technical asistance during Construction
Coordinator : Javier Manterola Armisen
Project Manager : Antonio Martínez Cutillas
End Year Construction : 2019
Typology : Arch Bridges
Team : Javier Manterola Armisén, Antonio Martínez Cutillas, Borja Martín Martínez, Miguel Ángel Gil Ginés, Silvia Fuente García, Lucía Blanco Martín
GeopositionView Project

This viaduct is located on the High-Speed Railway Line between Madrid and Extremadura. The overall length of the viaduct is 1,488 metres. The span distribution is dictated by the Tagus River crossing, which is performed using a 324 m span arch. The deck over the arch is divided into six 54 m long spans.