Since its beginning Carlos Fernández Casado, S.L. has had an active international presence and has taken part in numerous projects all over the world.

Our international activity was initially focused on South American countries. However, it has gradually expanded to encompass virtually every continent.  Our projects can currently be found in:

  • European Union: Spain, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria and Andorra
  • South America: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Venezuela
  • North and Central America: Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Honduras, Canada and USA.
  • Asia : Qatar, Iran, India, Korea and China
  • Africa:  Morocco.

CFCSL is covered by international insurance contracts to ensure that any legal or civil liability issues may be solved within the scope of our international activities.



Our firm operates internationally developing projects in cooperation with local consulting firms or international engineering firms.  We have worked alongside with top Spanish consulting firms (SENER, TYPSA, Eptisa, Eyser, Getinsa, Técnicas Reunidas, etc.) as well as with major international groups (COWICONSULT (Denmark), ARUP (UK), HNTB (USA), Yooshin Corporation (Korea), etc).

We also participate in construction projects with major international general contractors and building groups (Dragados, OHL, FCC, Sacyr). Within this field we have maintained a longstanding collaborative relationship with the Mexican firm MEXPRESA, with which we have specialised in designing special bridges in Latin America (cable-stayed, incrementally launched and moveable bridges).

The headquarters of our firm is located in Madrid, Spain, where our team of expert engineers develop their work. However, depending on the demands of each particular project it is customary to send designer engineers or supervising engineers to provide on-site project development and supervision or work with local engineering firms.




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Among the numerous international projects and collaborations the following are worth highlighting due to their singularity:

  • Feasibility study for the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar. The solution developed was one of a 12 km long suspension bridge with 3,000 m long spans.  (CFCSL-COWICONSULT AS 1999)
  • Cable-stayed Bridge over the Suir River in Waterford (Ireland 2009) (CFCSL- DRAGADOS-ASCOM-OVE ARUP).
  • Corso Argentina Viaduct in Padua (Italy 2007) (CFCSL-NET ENGINEERING, Building Contractor CIMOLAI),
  • Cable-stayed Basarab Bridge in Bucharest (Romania 2011) (CFCSL-FCC-ASTALDI)
  • Cable-stayed Papaloapán Bridge (Mexico 2000). CFCSL-Mexpresa
  • Lowry Centre Drawbridge in Manchester (UK) (CFCSL-PARKMAN LTD, Building Contractor.)
  • Track roof at the Hendaye railway station (France). 

Moreover, the following noteworthy projects are currently underway either in the design phase or in execution:

  • Cable-stayed Bridge in Bucaramanga (Colombia). CFCSL-Mexpresa-
  • Extradosed Bridge over the Danube (Bulgaria). CFCSL-FCC-
  • Basarab Bridge in Bucharest (Romania) CFCSL-FCC-
  • Arch Bridge in Arezzo (Italy) CFCSL-Net Engineering
  • Bascule Bridge over the Cau Cau River in Valdivia (Chile)



CFCSL also carries out advisory, consulting and supervision works on internationals projects as an independent checker of major engineering projects. Within this scope of activity, the following projects are the most noteworthy ones:

  • Independent checking of the project of the Rosario Victoria cable-stayed Bridge in Argentine. Designed by the LEONHARDT UND ANDRÄ Firm (Germany). 2002
  • Supervision of the construction of the Guamá cable-stayed Bridge in Brazil.  Carried out in cooperation with EGT ENGENHARIA-PROBASE. Designed by the STUDIO MIRANDA (Italy). 2001.
  • Supervision of the study of the cable-stayed bridge in Guemgang, Korea. Designed by de YOOSHIN COORPORATION (Korea). 2008.
  • Supervision of a series of viaducts on the Lisboa Underground. Carried out in cooperation with SENER (Spain).