CARLOS FERNÁNDEZ CASADO S.L. OFICINA DE PROYECTOS (CFCSL) is an independent civil and structural engineering consulting company based in Madrid (Spain) devoted to the research, study, development and supervision of structural engineering projects.

CFCSL provides highly specialized services that include feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, independent checking and construction supervision of any kind of structures.

The company has designed and supervised many major and hightechnology structures all over the world, particularly bridges some of which hold world records.

CFCSL employs highly trained and specialized engineers. The firm has gained a worldwide reputation since its foundation in 1964 for its contribution to the development of structural engineering technology and for its innovative and original structures.

The firm CARLOS FERNANDEZ CASADO S.L. OFICINA DE PROYECTOS was established in 1964 by Prof. Carlos Fernández Casado with two young partners, Javier Manterola Armisén and Leonardo Fernández Troyano. Since its foundation the company has carried out an uninterrupted activity and has played a key role in the Spanish and International Bridge Engineering world.

The beginnings of the company were marked by its close relationship with Huarte y Cía, one of the main Spanish contractors at that time, currently merged into the large international construction group OHL.

CFCSL was gradually opened out to other clients, including Public Administrations, constructions companies and private customers. From its early stages to the present day the firm has participated in some of the most important engineering and architectural works in Spain.

The international activity of CFCSL began soon, mainly in projects done in collaboration with Huarte y Cia in South America where Prof. Fernández Casado enjoyed a high reputation thanks to his technical books and his teaching activity. The international presence of the company has steadily increased since then and currently is a major part.

A milestone in the company’s history was reached with the construction of two remarkable cable-stayed bridges, the Sancho el Mayor Bridge (1979) over the Ebro river designed by Dr. Fernández Troyano and the Barrios de Luna Bridge (1984) designed by Prof. Manterola. The latter, a 440 m prestressed concrete cable stayed bridge, held at its conclusion the world record in both concrete and cable stayed categories and was given the name Carlos Fernandez Casado by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works in recognition of the Professor career. These two works gave the firm a considerable international projection.

Throughout nearly 50 years of activity the company has participated in more than 1000 high-technology projects, many of them bridges but also including other types of special structures done in collaboration with other engineers and architects: high buildings, large roofs, dams, transportation stations, major sport facilities and rehabilitation of historical constructions.

Currently the company is involved in several outstanding projects, among others the bridge over the Cadiz Harbour (cable-stayed 550 m long main span -new Spanish span record- and total length 3000 m), the Bucaramanga (Colombia) cable-stayed bridge (280 m long main span), the new Pumarejo Bridge over the Magdalena river in Colombia (cable-stayed 380 m long main span and total length 2200 m) and the Calafat bridge over the Danube River in Bulgary (continuous extradosed cable-stayed bridge with 180 m long main span and total length 1790 m).