Scope : Conceptual, Detailed Design and Technical asistance during Construction
Coordinator : Javier Manterola Armisen
Project Manager : António Martínez Cutillas
Construction : UTE Dragados - DRACE
End Year Construction : 2015
Typology : Cable-stayed Bridges
Team : Javier Manterola Armisén, Antonio Martínez Cutillas, Miguel Ángel Gil Ginés, J.Antonio Navarro González Valerio, Silvia Fuente García, Silvia Criado Catalina, Borja Martín Martínez, Lucía Blanco Martín, Raúl González Aguilar, Gonzalo Osborne Gutiérrez
GeopositionView Project

The access to the city of Cadiz from the Carranza Bridge or from the southbound motorway made it necessary to drive right through the city along the Andalusia Avenue in order to reach the Port and the Old Town.

Road traffic along this thoroughfare became easily congested even when passage over the José León Carranza Bridge, often jammed by heavy traffic as well, was possible. This is why the authorities of the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport decided to fulfil the old aspiration of the city to build a new access that would reach Cadiz directly from Puerto Real, ending up on the other side of the city on the Bahía Avenue right by the Port and the Old Town.