Clients / BAM - IRIDIUM
Scope : Construction Design & Construction Engineering
Coordinator : Miguel Ángel Astiz Suarez
Project Manager : Lucía Blanco Martín
Property : Transport Infrastructure Ireland
Construction : BAM - DRAGADOS
End Year Construction : Under construction
Typology : Extradosed bridges
Team : Miguel Ángel Astiz Suárez, Lucía Blanco Martín, Guillermo Ayuso, Borja Martín Martínez
GeopositionView Project

The bridge over the River Barrow has a total length of 887m and 9 spans, of which 4 are extradosed for 230m in the central sections and 95m in the lateral sections. The deck is made of concrete with varying thicknesses, making it a world record for extradosed bridges with concrete decks. The staying system is concentrated on a sole central plane of stays.