Scope : Conceptual and Detailed Design
Coordinator : Leonardo Fernández Troyano
Project Manager : Lucía Fernández Muñoz
Construction : MEXPRESA
End Year Construction : 2015
Typology : Cable-stayed bridges
Material : Concrete
Team : Leonardo Fernández Troyano, Lucía Fernández Muñoz, Guillermo Ayuso Calle, Antonio Cano, Raúl González Aguilar
GeopositionView Project

The Bucaramanga Viaduct spans a densely wooded area inside a gorge of great environmental value that must be preserved to the utmost. We designed a viaduct of a 292.40 m long main span and two 129.20 m long side spans. The deck maximum height over the ravine reaches 75 m and the viaduct piers are 52 and 72 m high, respectively.