The bridge over the Douro River on the La Plata Motorway had a very large separation between the carriageways. This is the reason why the idea of building a single, four-armed pier was replaced by two bridges with two separate piers. The separation between the axes of the two carriageways amounts to 20.5 m and the bridge is longitudinally divided into six spans of 34.5 m +36 m +49.5 m +72.00 m +49.5 m +34.5 m.


The V-shaped pier is 7.9 m high and its overall length amounts to 40.9 m.

The bridge is made up of a 90.5 m long box girder made up, on the bottom side, of a U-shaped girder 1.9 m deep and 3.1 m wide. Prefabricated slabs with a 3.5 m projection over the U-girder are then placed on top of the “U”. The whole bridge, including the V-shaped piers, the box girder and the deck slabs, was prefabricated.

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