The Bascule Estacio Bridge as the setting of the new PepsiCo´s Mountain Dew commercial.


Mountain Dew, a soft drink of the PepsiCo Group, has chosen our bascule Estacio Bridge in Murcia as the setting for the shooting of its latest and boldest advert.

Mountain Dew is a soft drink produced by the PepsiCo Company. Originally, in 1948, it was only advertised in the USA in the State of North Carolina. It began advertising across the USA in1964. It owes its name to Mountain View, one of the most famous spots in California.

The original claim was: “0% Moonshine” (Moonshine was an illegally distilled whiskey and the reference to it in the claim was a funny way of indicating that the drink contained no alcohol). Until 1973 the label on the bottle was a cartoon featuring highlanders. The today´s marketing approach is completely different: the target is the age group of 20-30 year-olds and the advertising campaigns are associated with extreme sports.

And what is more extreme than to climb to the top of the bascule Estacio Bridge, designed by CFCSL, right when it opens up?

Here is the link to the advert video and the bridge data sheet.

View the Mountain Dew commercial

Bridge data sheet

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