IABSE Symposium to be held in Madrid from 3 to 5 September


37th IABSE Symposium -International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering- will be held in Madrid from 3 to 5 September 2014, at the Technological Institute of CEU San Pablo University, Montepríncipe Campus, at Boadilla del Monte. Throughout its history IABSE has always held its annual symposia in different countries (e.g. Chicago, 2008; Bangkok, 2009; Venice, 2010, London, 2011; Seoul, 2012; Calcutta, 2013).

800 delegates from over 60 countries are expected to attend this year´s Madrid Symposium, primarily intended for engineers, architects, researchers, clients, consultants and all other professionals participating in the study and development of engineering projects.

This year’s Symposium title is ‘Engineering for Progress, Nature and People’, which reflects well one of the main goals of the Structural Engineering Community, strongly influenced by the diversity and richness of nature in Spain, while fostering creativity in balance with resistant technical solutions.

The technical program includes plenary as well as parallel sessions with internationally renowned participants.



CFCSL participates at IASBE with the following papers:

Spanish Bridges (Sesión Plenaria)
Javier Manterola

Stayed Viaduct in Bucaramanga, Colombia
Leonardo Fernández, Lucía Fernández, Guillermo Ayuso, Antonio Cano, Raúl González, Celso Iglesias

Design features of the bridge over the Danube river. Bulgaria
Javier Manterola, Antonio Martínez Cutillas, Juan Antonio Navarro, José Luis Álvarez, Ignacio Díaz

Vidalta Cable-stayed Bridge
Leonardo Fernández, Lucía Fernández, Antonio Cano, José Cuervo

Railway Arch Bridge over the Contreras Reservoir on the Madrid-Levante High-Speed Railway Line
Javier Manterola, Antonio Martínez Cutillas, Borja Martín, Juan Antonio Navarro

Accessways to the western Entrance to the “Dos Valiras” tunnel
Leonardo Fernández, Guillermo Ayuso, Lucía Fernández

Railway Arch Bridge over the Tajo River in the Alcántara Reservoir
Javier Manterola, Antonio Martínez Cutillas, Borja Martín, Silvia Fuente

Bridge over the river Nervión on the Bilbao Donostia line
Leonardo Fernández, Lucía Fernández

Bridge over Basarab Railway Station in Bucharest. Romania
Javier Manterola, Antonio Martínez Cutillas, Silvia Fuente

”Pedro Gómez del Bosque” pedestrian footbridge over the river Pisuerga in Valladolid
Javier Manterola, Javier Muñoz-Rojas, Juan Alonso Villalobos

”Puente de los Poetas” (Poets bridge) over the river Duero in the city of Zamora
Javier Manterola, Javier Muñoz-Rojas, Juan Antonio Navarro, Sara Fernández

High speed railway bridge over the Tera river. Spain
Javier Manterola, Javier Muñoz-Rojas, Antonio Martínez Cutillas, Sara Fernández

Bridge over the Cádiz bay, Spain
Javier Manterola, Antonio Martínez, Juan Antonio Navarro, Silvia Criado, Silvia Fuente, Miguel Ángel Gil, Lucía Blanco, Gonzalo Osborne, Manuel Escamilla

Furthermore, one of our engineers, Antonio Martínez Cutillas, chairs the Symposium’s Scientific Committee and is a member of the Organising Committee.

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