The central box of span 9 is being cast. Bridge over Barrow river. New Ross. Ireland.

At the present moment the West approach spans (1 to 3) are finalized and the East approach spans (6 to 9) shall be finalized soon: the central box of span 9 is being cast and the overhangs of spans 6 and 7 have already been built. Main activity concentrates on the pylons and on the 230 m long main spans (4 and 5) where 4 travellers for the full deck section are being used. From pier 3, 44 m of span 4 have been cast and the first stay has been stressed. From pier 4, 50 m of spans 4 and 5 have already been cast and two cable stays have been stressed. Finally form pier 5, 37 m of span have been cast.

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The River Barrow Bridge at New Ross (Ireland) has a total length of 887.0m and comprises four extradosed spans together with five approach spans to the East and West. The span arrangement of the River Barrow Bridge (from west to east) is 36m, 45m, 95m, 230m, 230m, 95m, 70m, 50m and 36m. The longest spans are partially supported by means of parallel inclined stay cables arranged in a single plane and anchored to 3 pylons located in the central reservation of the carriageway.

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