Scope : Conceptual, Detailed Design and Technical asistance during Construction
Coordinator : Leonardo Fernández Troyano
Project Manager : José Cuervo Fernández
Construction : TECONSA
End Year Construction : 2008
Typology : Suspension Bridges
Material : Concrete
Team : Leonardo Fernández Troyano, José Cuervo Fernández, Guillermo Ayuso Calle
GeopositionView Project

The two footbridges form part of a pedestrian and cycling path between the districts of San Blas and Vicálvaro. They cross over the Radial Motorway 3 and the orbital M-40 Motorway. The footbridges are situated quite close to one another so the same structural and formal solutions were applied in both in spite of the fact that the different conditions of the crossing over the two motorways do generate some differences within the same solution.