Scope : Conceptual, Detailed Design and Technical asistance during Construction
Coordinator : Leonardo Fernández Troyano
Project Manager : Lucía Fernández Muñoz
Construction : UTE LAUREANA, Dragados, Moyua, Obras Subterraneas, Geotunnel
End Year Construction : 2009
Typology : Cable-stayed Bridges
Material : Composite
Team : Leonardo Fernández Troyano, Lucía Fernández Muñoz, Guillermo Ayuso Calle
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The Arbizelai Viaduct is situated on the stretch between Arrasate and Eskoriatza of the new Deba Motorway linking Vitoria-Gasteiz and Eibar, near the town of Arrasate-Mondragón.

The main difficulty of this viaduct is the crossing over the river Deba and the South Junction of the road that currently gives access to Mondragón. The viaduct spans the junction roads and the river at a strongly oblique angle. There is an additional difficulty posed by the fact that the river and the road branches are situated close together, which compelled us to design a 140 m long main span of the viaduct.