Constructing the final sections of the deck on the Bridge over the River Tajo at the Alcántara dam.

The deck is currently being launched on the arch. In order to do so, two twin formworks advance from the north and south spans. Once the formworks reach the first pylons, concreting takes place on both sides at the same time, in order to reduce differential deformations. This is the moment shown in the images.

Following the relevant maneuvers to tighten the pre-stressing in both stages, the process is repeated, advancing with formworks until the next pylons and the subsequent concreting and tightening.

To construct the central area, the southern formwork is removed. In the first operation, the northern formwork is launched until its front section is supported by the keystone. At this stage, concreting takes place in the central area up to 13.50m from the right of the keystone. This is how the keystone strut is constructed, which creates a monolithic joint between the arch and the deck.

Finally, the formwork is launched to construct the shorter remaining section, at the right of the keystone.

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