The Alcántara Bridge: the arch execution begins.


Borja Martín Martínez, a CFCSL civil engineer, updates us on the current progress on this bridge. The execution of the central arch is just beginning. It has a 324 m long span and its height is 90 m above the average reservoir water level (point 3 of the figure below):




Deck execution:

The approach spans on both margins are entirely completed.

Arch execution:

A cycle of one segment per week has been achieved on both margins simultaneously; 14 segments of each semi-arch have been completed out of a total of 46.

In brief, the current advance percentage is:

  • Foundations =100%
  • Abutments = 100%
  • Piers = 100%
  • Deck = 80%
  • Arch = 30%


The bridge design was carried out by CFCSL during 2009 and 2010. The execution began in May 2011 and the completion is scheduled for 2015.

Bridge data sheet

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