Scope : Conceptual & Construction Design.
Coordinator : Javier Manterola Armisen
Project Manager : António Martínez Cutillas
End Year Construction : 2006
Typology : Steel and Composite Bridges
Team : Javier Manterola Armisén, Antonio Martínez Cutillas, Silvia Fuente García, Miguel Ángel Gil Ginés, Amando López Padilla
GeopositionView Project

This is a 543 m span viaduct on the ring road skirting the city of Padova at the connection with the Venice-bound motorway, which we designed together with the company Net Engineering. The 11 spans of the viaduct are distributed as follows: 40+9×51.5+40 m.

This viaduct is full of junctions and ramps that ascend from or descend to the motorway or the Corso Argentina road.