Cadiz Bay Bridge. Reaching the compensation span piers with a 218.5 m cantilever with no back stays.


Juan Antonio Navarro,  a senior engineer with CFC, explains how the cantilever deck, without any kind of  back stays (218.5 m long on the midspan side and 198.5 m long on the compensation span side), is about to reach the first pier of the compensation span, as we can see in the photos.


The last cantilever segments at the two towers have already been erected. These are 9.50 m long in contrast with the 20.0 m long, standard ones, plus a small 4.50 m long segment over the piers.


As scheduled, the deck is currently 3.0 below the alignment, awaiting the final tensioning and retensioning which will place it in its proper position. The deck is then fixed and eventually welded together with the segment over the pier.

Bridge data sheet

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