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Over 50 years of experience
We are a project engineering firm specialising in bridges and large scale structures. We provide development, study and supervision of engineering works. We have designed bridges and high-tech buildings all over the world: cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, cantilever bridges, incrementally launched bridges…


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The “Pedro Gómez del Bosque” Footbridge over the River Pisuerga shortlisted for the Footbridge 2014 award in London.

The “Pedro Gómez del Bosque” footbridge over the River Pisuerga in Valladolid has been shortlisted for the Footbridge 2014 award in the long-span category. The winner will be announced on 16 July 2014 at the triennial Footbridge 2014 conference to be held at the Imperial College...
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Opening of the pedestrian walkway and the riverside development by the River Pisuerga on its way through Valladolid

The official opening of the pedestrian walkway and riverside development along the River Prisuerga banks in the city of Valladolid was held on 15 April. The City Mayor, Javier León de la Riva, and the President of the Douro Confederation, José Valín, visited the site of the newly...
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CFC begins publishing its IABSE 2014 papers.

The 37th annual IABSE Symposium – International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering- was held last week in Madrid entitled “Engineering for Progress, Nature and People”.  More Information CFC participated in the Symposium with a presentation by Javier...
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Photographic report of the High-speed Railway Viaduct over the River Tera. Zamora. Spain.

Photographic report of the completed High-Speed Railway Viaduct over the River Tera in Zamora, Spain. Bridge data sheet Photo´s: Carlos Manterola (www.infotografia.es)
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Cadiz Bay Bridge. Reaching the compensation span piers with a 218.5 m cantilever with no back stays.

Juan Antonio Navarro,  a senior engineer with CFC, explains how the cantilever deck, without any kind of  back stays (218.5 m long on the midspan side and 198.5 m long on the compensation span side), is about to reach the first pier of the compensation span, as we can see in the...
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The Alcántara Bridge: the arch execution begins.

Borja Martín Martínez, a CFCSL civil engineer, updates us on the current progress on this bridge. The execution of the central arch is just beginning. It has a 324 m long span and its height is 90 m above the average reservoir water level (point 3 of the figure below):  ...
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The execution of the piles begins on the “Barra Vieja” Bridge over the Papagayo River in Mexico.

  The execution of the piles has begun on the ‘Barra Vieja’ Bridge over the Papagayo River in the state of Guerrero (Mexico). Of a total of 130 piles of a 1.5 m diameter, more than 40 have been built to date. The “Barra Vieja’ was designed by CFCSL to replace the bridge...
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